VR meetup – Creative Storytelling through VR

We have been talking about VR and similar technologies and what it means for the average consumer for quite some time now. As a medium, it has the potential to transform media consumption as we know it. VR as it stands now, has an obvious use case for gaming, and few innovative tinkerers and studios have slowly started realising its potential through 360 VR films as well.


What does it mean for traditional advertising though? Could an enhanced immersive experience be used for increasing engagement with brands, through interactive storytelling? Market research suggests 360-degree video engages people much more than traditionally filmed content. Audiences watch panoramic videos five times as long and they are seven times more likely to share them. Research also supports positive ad impressions, something Microsoft is exploring with its “Ad Pano” format. Interactive panoramic ads have been found to increase product purchase intent 65% over standard ads. (Source)

To explore such questions and deliberate the potential of VR for digital agencies, we will be attending a meetup on Monday 27th April, organised by London based Happy Finish, who are a global creative production studio specialising in high end retouching, CGI, animation, motion grading and VFX for global brands, advertising agencies and photographers. We will be giving a talk and be a part of a panel to examine the advertising and commercial opportunities that VR promises to create.

Few tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

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