GDC 2016

We’ll be at GDC 2016 with demos of the latest and the greatest from Two Big Ears. For the past few weeks, we’ve been producing a great new demo showcasing our new and improved spatialisation algorithms, real-time geometry based high-order reflection modelling, occlusion and baked reverberation (powered by some great new hardware tech).


The demo is result of some fantastic work by Iestyn Lloyd,  Alexander Brandon, Charlie HuguenardPeter Smith and Dave Wilson for the HTC Vive.

Here’s where we will be:

Wednesday 16th March: At the Audiokinetic booth on the expo floor. No appointments are necessary.

Thursday 17th March: Demos will be shown at the Courtyard by Marriott (right around the corner from Moscone) all day. Book a slot!

Friday 18th March: Demos will be shown at the Courtyard by Marriott (right around the corner from Moscone) all day. Book a slot!


V1.0 And A Preview

3Dception Unity is out of beta! We’ve got lots of announcements to make, starting with this post (noticed the new website?) and more scheduled over the coming weeks.

We launched the alpha version of 3Dception Unity back in April 2014, initially supporting desktops and have since expanded support to mobile, Wwise, Fabric and native SDKs. We were fortunate to very quickly grow a sizeable user base. Every project, bug report, feedback, email and tweet has helped us make 3Dception a better product. Thank you — each and every one of you.

3Dception Unity v1.0 is out today, with 3Dception Wwise v1.0 following shortly. Here’s a summary of what’s new, with a peak of some of the stuff you should see in upcoming updates:


With many of our users developing 360/VR movies and video, we decided to include ambisonics b-format decoding within 3Dception. Just as you would setup a 3Dception Source, you can create a 3Dception Ambi Array, drop your ambisonic recordings and you should have a fully binaural soundfield responding to the orientation of the listener with all the normal playback functionality that is available within Unity. We’ve seen and heard some really great results so far.


v1.0 includes many internal CPU and memory optimisations, with 6x decrease in the memory footprint of a single source compared to the previous version. This makes it possible to run 3Dception even on older mobile devices — including the iPod Touch and Android devices from a few years ago.

Geometry Based Spatialised Reflections

Very soon 3Dception will include support for auto-generated spatialised reflections from scene geometry. For more complex environments you no longer need to draw complicated portals or room zones. We’ve just started previewing this with a select few developers and should be releasing it publicly very soon. We’ve been working on this tech for a while and can’t wait to show it off! As usual, this comes with the same efficiency so you can do some really cool results even on mobile devices 🙂

Fast Path-Finding Occlusion/Obstruction

Also coming soon is a very very fast path-finding occlusion and obstruction system, not just for direct sound but for reflected sound too! When combined with doppler, binaural spatialisation and the geometry based system, the soundscape achieves a whole new level of realism. Everything feels a lot more natural. It also means that you can spend more time working on creative decisions rather than setting up complicated systems. More work for our engine, less work for you.

Environment Modelling

With this release we’ve begun to expose some of the internal physics parameters within 3Dception. For example, you can set the speed of sound to completely unrealistic values to get some really cool doppler and early reflection effects. We will be expanding this system to include air absorption, temperature and humidity modelling, making it easier to model highly realistic or absolutely bizarre worlds.

User Accounts

We’re upgrading our release and delivery pipeline. If you are a 3Dception user, you should receive login details to our new account management system over the next few days. This should make it easier to keep track of downloads, licenses and other resources.