A compressor for Pure Data / libpd

Dynamic audio on mobile devices can be a bit of a nightmare. There’s some control on iOS, with fewer devices, but it can be tough to compensate for the thousands of Android devices out there. Add synthesised and reactive audio to the mix and you get a one way ticket to distortion land.

tb_peakcomp~ is an open source external for Pd (and libpd: compiled, tested and used on our iOS and Android projects) that works well as a master stereo compressor. It features variable attack, release, ratio, make-up gain and knee smoothening. It is MIT Licensed — which means you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

Some of the controls don’t have outer limits == get crazy creative and positively break things.

It can do with more features and improvements (including a more user friendly UI). If you have ideas, get in touch or add to the code.

Feel free to fork it on GitHub or download the binaries and use them as you wish.

Check it out here.

tb_peakcomp~ help file

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