3Dception Unity 0.6 — What’s New?

We’ve just pushed out v0.6.0b of 3Dception Unity as we get closer to exiting beta. This update includes over 30 new features, fixes and improvements. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

More Sources!

The active source limit for non-commercial projects has been increased to 10! Yay!


The Basic option has been dropped to £9/month from £14/month. You can also optionally pay upfront for a year of free upgrades, if monthly payments isn’t your thing.

Room Model With Variable Surfaces

Room models now include separate reflection properties per surface in the room (walls, ceiling, floor), making it possible to design dynamic environments with a lot more character. The UI gizmos have also been improved, so that the walls change in opacity depending on their reflection property. In one look you’d be able tell what your room sounds like. Cool! Here’s a GIF, just because:


Room Model Presets


With variable surfaces, comes presets for rooms. We’ll populate this over time and have included a few to get started.

Pan Modes


Every source now has three panning options: HRTF, Approximate and Stereo. HRTF (default) is full 3D panning, including height. Approximate is a binaural approximation without elevation effects. The same options are available for the early reflections generated for the source. In addition to being able to switch in and out of HRTF panning, these features could potentially be used for optimisations as Approximate and Stereo modes comparatively take up less CPU. We’ll expand on this in a future update.

Quality And Performance

  • We’ve made a lot of quality improvements to our algorithms resulting in more transparent sounding filters (better timbre), better spatialisation (elevation, front/back) and better externalisation.
  • The room model has been rewritten with our new optimised physics engine resulting in more accurate and better sounding reflections.
  • Both the spatialisation and timbre quality has been improved across multiple sample rates — especially at 24KHz and 22.05KHz which is crucial for mobile
  • Lots of optimisations on the main thread, resulting in 4-5x performance gains

API And Documentation

We’re committed to providing good documentation and this release is a step forward in that direction. This update includes new documentation and we’ve also improved our API support with new methods and will continue to do so in future upgrades.