3Dception for Fabric


Our aim with 3Dception is to make great sounding algorithms available across different devices, systems and workflows. This doesn’t just mean good quality and efficient algorithms, but also supporting the workflows that make good design possible. Fabric for Unity is a great middleware tool if you are developing games and apps for Unity. We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Tazman-Audio to make 3Dception compatible with Fabric. Integration scripts for Fabric will be available for free in the upcoming update of 3Dception — which includes a whole bunch of improvements, optimisations and great new features.

3Dception is currently available for Unity (natively and Fabric) and Wwise across OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. We’ve got a long list of announcements to make in the coming months and we can’t wait to share it!

Full press release below!

Two Big Ears, the developers of 3Dception, an efficient cross-platform 3D audio and room modelling solution and Fabric, the leading game audio middleware solution for Unity, announce their new partnership. 3Dception for Fabric will be available in the upcoming update of 3Dception.

3Dception is a real-time binaural audio and room modelling engine that provides full 3D spatialisation with very low CPU and power requirements. It is currently available for Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android.

Fabric provides an extensive array of audio features and custom user interfaces that allow developers to design great audio entirely within Unity3D. Its nested component hierarchy allows users to create complex audio structures and combined with its event based system Fabric reduces the dependency on programmers, giving more power to the sound-designers to work independently.

3Dception for Fabric enables full 3D spatialisation and room modelling within Fabric’s authoring tools, making it easier to design and develop high quality audio experiences for virtual reality and games.

About Two Big Ears

Two Big Ears, a Scottish company founded in 2013, has been tackling the problem of positional 3D audio for virtual reality and games by creating tools which are easy to use, efficient and realistic. 3Dception is available as a plugin for Unity and Audiokinetic Wwise and for custom integrations into game engines. In the few months since release as a beta product, it is already seeing a steady adoption rate among both VR and non-VR developers with a need for great immersive audio. For more information visit twobigears.com or follow @twobig_ears on Twitter or facebook.com/twobigears.

About Tazman-Audio

Tazman-Audio is an audio developer with over 16 years of professional experience in game and tools development with the commitment to developing high quality audio software for game and audio productions. For more information you can visit www.tazman-audio.co.uk or follow us on twitter @Tazman_Audio.